"Imagine attending a dinner party hosted by Andy Partridge of XTC and attended by members of Modest Mouse and the Flaming Lips. This is the sound you’d hear coming form the patio once they’d discovered your stash of absinth and decided to have an impromptu jam session. They somehow are able to walk the razor thin line between pop and avant garde in a way that every band hopes to but few ever will." 
 -Wayne Bertsch, Nuvo Newsweekly
Hey Hey Melodica
Hey Hey Melodica – Wayne Bertsch, Nuvo Newseekly
When I first pressed play, I was immediately transported to a relaxed state of mind. The music was soft and chill and all I really wanted to do was relax and take the world in. Acoustic guitars run plenty creating the sweetest sounds that I have heard in a while. Mr. Scroggins voice is soft and delicate which adds the perfect touch to all the tracks. The bottom line is, if you want to hear the softer side of indie rock, then check out this EP
 -David Maldonado, Boom Boom Chik
Scott Shoger, Nuvo Newsweekly
"Hey Hey Melodica delivered stripped-down, bare-bones alternative music — the kind of underground stuff from the late 1980s, played in the smoky clubs for the crowds that weren't interested in the hair bands, alternative before it was alternative, when it was so new and interesting it wasn't even considered new."
 -Paul F.P. Pogue, Nuvo Newsweekly
“One of the most popular bands on Musical Family Tree.”
 -Jeb Banner, Musical Family Tree (founder)